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Hollywoodbets Review

Hollywoodbets is a betting company from South Africa active since 2000. It doesn’t have anything to do with Hollywood – it’s just a marketing ploy. What they do is offer punting on several sports and gambling. It isn’t a very well-aged platform, but they still have plenty of clients.

Most users are Commonwealth citizens, that is, British-speaking people from Africa, South Asia, and other such places. The main betting options are horse racing and soccer, which tells you a lot about the local cadre. For most, it won’t be a good way to spend your time and money, but there are advantages.

In particular, Hollywoodbets has a very rich soccer section, much bigger than most providers give you. One could even say it’s their specialty. There are several other sports to bet on, but there’s a problem with that. In short, you mostly just go here to place wagers on soccer.

The other sports include a variety of regional and relatively niche sports such as rugby, cricket, and similar stuff. There are just about 2 dozen of them all in all. They are actually hard to find because of the website’s weird layout. Essentially, you can only bet on them with an app.

Pros & Cons

Lot of soccer cups

Horse racing

Lot of soccer cups

Horse racing

Customer support

Pros & Cons


There are certain advantages you can experience when working with Hollywoodbets. It’s an inferior platform compared to most other betting companies, but it’s still not bad.


It’s the main reason to work with this bookmaker. They cover a lot of soccer cups from most football-relevant countries in the world. That includes national, provincial, and other cups that attract at least some attention. If there is a worthwhile event going on somewhere in the world, you can find it through the ‘bets today’ feature.

They actually have a lot more matches on this website than probably any other big provider. That being said, most of them are just ‘overall win’ bets. If you want to place a wager on the outcome of a Women’s FA Cup 2023 in England, that’s the only option you’ll have. 

With major events, however, you’ll have more leeway in this regard. You’ll be able to place bets on individual matches, although there are still no alternative bets, handicaps, or similar tools that give depth to the punting. What you have is still a lot of betting options, and few other companies can compete with this abundance.

Horse racing

Soccer is the pillar of this website, although there are other types of entertainment.

Weirdly, the other big part is horse racing, the second specialty of this company. They collect data on all major events from 9 countries of the world. You can bet on the outcome of each race in each event. This is incredibly thrilling for some people, as you can watch the race unfold live.

If you’re into horse racing, it might be the only worthwhile betting website for that. Not many big bookmakers offer punts on horses, and websites that do aren’t very trustworthy. So, if you’d like an expansive sportsbook on horses from a legit company, go no further.


There are some disadvantages, as well. The main ones stem from the website being rather old and, thus, poorly aged.

Bad navigation

There are several versions of this website, and all of them differ from one another considerably. What’s regarded as the main website is a very obsolete interface that doesn’t offer any services besides punting on horses, soccer, and some casino games. It also doesn’t look good, as you can imagine.

The version that pops up first in the search isn’t much better. It looks more modern, but there is the same selection of features as in the first one. If you want to access other sports and have an actually worthwhile experience, you need to access the mobile browser version on your computer, which is this - https://mob.hollywoodbets.net/.

This version is designed to be booted on your phone without downloading the Hollywoodbets app, but it also works on PC. It has all the other sports that this website technically offers, as well as other modern features. You can download the Hollywoodbets app on the official website.

Reputation concerns

Each of these websites has a good portion of user reviews that accuse them of overstepping the boundaries. Theft, fraud, and other accusations are commonly levied against Hollywoodbets, as well. There’s no telling if that’s true, but this adds a certain layer of suspicion.

However, if you take some typical precautions, such as limiting the amount of money you’re betting with and writing down all your transactions info, you’ll likely be great.

Is Hollywoodbets Legal?

Hollywoodbets is fully licensed and legal, which limits the amount of fraud they may pull off if they wanted to. Their licensing comes from various South African regulative jurisdictions, which are strict enough to protect clients and hold companies accountable. So, it is as legit as they can get.

It can be unavailable in certain countries, but it is not like they are banning the company specifically. Some countries have stricter laws for betting companies, restricting some, most, or all of them. 

Hollywoodbets Bonus Code

This company doesn’t have as generous a welcome bonus as most of their competitors have, but it’s still free money. You don’t have to deposit money to receive the newcomer Hollywoodbets bonus. It’s given to all new customers after registering. It estimates at 25 rand, which is about 1.5 US dollars.

Another one of the Hollywoodbets promotions is the referral system, which allows you to invite other people to the website. They need to deposit at least 50 rand on a new account, and you’ll receive 50 rand on your own to spend as you see fit. These bonuses don’t have many limitations, besides the inability to withdraw them from the system.

Hollywoodbets App

It’s better to download the Hollywoodbets mobile version and bet on that. However, you can’t download it from the usual sources. You can only do that from the company’s official website. There, you can download both the Hollywoodbets APK and the iOS installation file.

It’s a lot better to use Hollywoodbets on mobile. As mentioned, most betting options and actually good features are only available on mobile. Besides, betting on mobile is a much more comfortable experience.

Hollywoodbets Registration

The Hollywoodbets register process is more extensive than you’d typically find in the industry. To start it, click on the ‘Register’ button in the top right corner. 

You’ll find that you need to submit a lot more data than usual. Not just your email, password, and phone number, but your full legal name, current location, and ID number. It’s not a long process per se. They simply jam verification and registration onto one page, allowing you to save time, essentially.

With other providers, you’d still have to submit private information. The only difference is that here you do it as one of the first steps. 

Deposit Options

The problem with local payment solutions is that most of them are South African. You’ll still be able to transfer money as a citizen of other countries, but it’s more comfortable for South Africans. The list of payment solutions is below.

The website supports Pay U, Virtual Card, Payfast, Ozow, OWNPAY, Direct EFT, Peach Payment, Zapper, Zit EFT, and Nedbank Topup Voucher.

Withdrawal Options

The problem is similar with the withdrawal options, although there are even fewer of them. For your withdrawals, you’re limited to EFT, Cash send, Send iMali/ Mobimoney, Instant money, and eWallet.


How long does it take to withdraw money from Hollywoodbets?

It usually takes up to a day to withdraw money, but often it’s quicker.

How long does it take to activate a Hollywood account?

The registration and verification processes in total take up to several days on average.

Can I withdraw the Hollywood bonus?

No, you can’t.

How long does it take for Hollywood to deposit money?

It’s usually instantaneous.